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Diana Airguns

Diana Fill Valve and Gauge Assembly for Bandit & StormriderReplacement part for Diana Bandit For use with Stormrider when installing Diana Regulator; gauge provides ability to monitor fill pressure once regulator is installed Works with both Gen1 and Gen2 Stormrider..
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Diana Stormrider/Bandit RegulatorAftermarket regulator upgrade Fits Diana Stormrider PCP air rifle and Diana Bandit PCP air pistol Fits Gen1 and Gen2 Stormrider Output pressure settings range from 100 BAR (1450 PSI) to 150 BAR (2175 PSI) No drilling required Includes regulator, mounting rod..
$96.79 $109.99
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When you buy a Diana Bullseye ZR mount, you're getting one of the most versatile units made today. The built-in droop compensation (0.04"/1.016mm) means you won't have to use shims for those guns that have some droop. Since the mount is quite rigid and has a unique holding power, Diana says you'll ..
$70.39 $79.99
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Carry an extra magazine for your Diana Stormrider on the range or on the trail.Diana Stormrider Magazine Magnetic rotary magazine 9 shots in .177, 7 shots in .22..
$19.35 $21.99
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Carry an extra magazine for your Diana Stormrider on the range or on the trail.Diana Stormrider Magazine Magnetic rotary magazine 9 shots in .177, 7 shots in .22..
$19.35 $21.99
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The LP8 Magnum is a high powered air pistol with rifle velocities! It is available in a .177 caliber air pistol and shoots 700 feet per second. The Diana LP8 Magnum features a single-shot break barrel system, fiber optic sights, automatic safety and smooth cocking action.Diana LP8 Features Single..
$290.39 $329.99
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Diana Mauser AM03 Air Rifle Features German N-TEC gas piston technology Breakbarrel Single-shot Rifled steel barrel Two-stage adjustable T06 trigger 11mm optics dovetails Ambidextrous, tan-colored, ergonomic stock Adjustable comb Anti-beartrap mechanism Automatic safety Anit-slip insert..
$325.59 $369.99
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"Made in Germany" is one of the most powerful incentives to buy an airgun. German guns are known for solid construction and superb engineering and the Dianawerk factory delivers in both areas! While you've come to expect great quality from any gun made in Germany, you'll be thrilled when you shoot ..
$404.79 $459.99
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Your Diana Panther 31 Pro Compact air rifle will deliver years of faithful service. Diana rifles are made in Germany and will stand up to regular use. If you like accurate sporting rifles - get a Diana. If you like deep, rich bluing - get a Diana. If you like a dependable gun - get a Diana. Germany..
$378.39 $429.99
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The RWS Diana 34 is a legend in its own time. Over a quarter-million model 34 air rifles have been sold, so you know this airgun has stood the test of time. Oozing with the German quality that every manufacturer tries to copy, your 34 air rifle will soon become one of your favorite springers because..
$361.19 $429.99
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Diana Air Rifle Skyhawk, Walnut Features: Bullpup PCP Side Lever Action Repeater Up to 985 fps in .177 / 950 fps in .22 / 850 fps in .25 Up to 19 FPE in .177 / 32 FPE in .22 / 38 FPE in .25 Fully Regulated Shrouded barrel Manual safety 11mm dovetail Integrated manometer (pressure gauge) 2..
$730.39 $829.99
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Diana Airbug Features CO2 Repeater Available in .177 and .22 calibers Ergonomic hardwood stock Bolt action Includes 9-shot (in .177) or 7-shot (in .22) magazine and single-shot tray 5 fpe (.177), 6.6 fpe (.22)  ..
$123.19 $139.99
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